Monday, February 28, 2011

Embarrassing Pastry Moment

February Challenge Question 28:
28. Describe an embarrassing moment that you had within the past few years.
I think I must block embarrassing moments from my memory.  I can’t think of any specific times of embarrassment that I can tell you about in detail, but I know I frequently do embarrassing things. I did something kind of embarrassing last week.  I was eating a Pop-Tart at work, and I like to eat them by breaking off one chunk at a time, consuming that one chunk and then proceeding to the next chunk. Well, on this particular day, my Pop-Tart was crumbly from getting stuck in the bottom of my purse. I broke off a chunk, took a bite, but I had to continue to take more and more bites or the Pop-Tart chunk would break into lots of little Pop-Tart bits and fall all over my lap.  So I ending up trying to shove the whole chunk into my mouth, and some bits still broke off and I caught them in my other hand.  I was really hoping no one was watching, but one of my coworkers walked up and asked, “Is that a good cookie?” I just hope no one else saw. 
Phew.  That’s the last day of the February Challenge.  It sure was a challenge, but a lot of fun, too.  Thanks Laura!
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