Sunday, February 6, 2011

Agony: My Thoughts on Video Games

February Challenge Question 6:
6. How do you feel about video games?
Well, I get stressed out just trying to play Pacman, all those little guys chasing you and trying to eat you.  I don't do well with Frogger either. 
I also hate video game music.  My hubby has a lot of the old Nintendo games on his computer: Super Mario Brothers, Ninja Turtles, Tecmo Bowl.  Each one has more annoying music than the last.  I tried not to say anything at first.  He was having fun. (And if I ever tell him something he’s doing is annoying, he makes sure to do it more.) But then he started playing Ninja Turtles.  I tried so hard to keep quiet.  But I finally burst one day while trying to apply mascara: “It’s so ANNOYING!” He was in shock.  He had no idea.  And he laughed at me. Tecmo Bowl is the worst, though.  (This is the one he’s into now.) “Ready. Down. HUT. HUT. HUT,” over and over and over…and over. I’m dying inside!

Tecmo Bowl. (I do like their little pink and purple uniforms.)

He’s been pretty nice to me about it, though, like right now he has the volume turned down. Thank you, Sweetie. :)

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Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh! I can see where the repetitive sounds could get annoying, though. I can't handle them either.

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