Monday, February 7, 2011

My Friend's Jewelry is Etsy Worthy

It's Day 7 of the February Challenge! Join the fun!
Today's question:
7. Do you have a favorites list on If so, will you share the link?
I don’t have a favorites list on, and I haven’t bought anything off the site yet, but I’m a huge fan. There are so many pretty things being sold there.
I’ve told my good friend Leslie, that she needs to sell the beautiful jewelry she makes on Etsy. Look, she made my wedding jewelry!

It's all so pretty and dainty!

Leslie and me on the big day.

It was so special to get to wear jewelry that she made for me! She has also made her own wedding jewelry and is making the jewelry for all us gals in her wedding party.  I’m excited to get more Leslie pieces! (I’m her matron of honor, by the way.J)
So, whenever Leslie sets up a shop on Etsy, her shop will be on my favorites list.  Keep an eye out for her!


Anonymous said...

Those are great pieces! Can't wait to see what else she makes!

Jenni said...

Those are beautiful. I especially love the hair piece. And I love your wedding pictures. You are so pretty.

ContentEwe said...

Thank you!

And I'm so glad you like her jewelry! I'll have to post photos of the jewelry she is making for her wedding when she is finished with all the pieces.

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