Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An English Major

February Challenge Question 22:
22. What was your college major, and how did you decide it was right for you?
Michael and I after my graduation.
We got married three months later.
I majored in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. 
My first major was Theater, and I was interested in acting and stage managing. I never felt like this was the direction God wanted me to do, though.  I don’t know how to explain it.  However, at the end of my freshman year, I totaled my Jeep and was then unable to pursue the opportunities in acting and stage managing that I had at that time, because I had no transportation and no money. (God will keep speaking louder and louder until He gets our attention.  And you know what—today I am thankful that He totaled my car.)
However, not too long after I totaled my Jeep, I got a job as an English tutor at the college I was attending, and my boss there kept encouraging me to write more poetry and short stories. I have always loved to write.  In high school, I had a wonderful English teacher that fostered this love.  (Actually, I’ve been blessed with a lot of great English teachers.) I learned so much about writing poetry from her, and I joined the creative writing club and became a staff member of the literary journal, both of which she sponsored.
Anyway, after I totaled my Jeep, I started to see more opportunities with English than with Theater.  I also realized working in a theater would mean I would be working a lot of nights and weekends, and that was not what I wanted for my future family.
Now, I’m working as an English tutor for two local colleges.  I love seeing light bulbs go off in my students’ heads.  And I look forward to someday teaching my future children how to read and write. (We want to home school.)
I still write poems, too.  Some of them are posted on my blog. :)
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