Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why I Like My HEB and an Almost Scary Encounter I Had There

It’s the first day of the February Challenge! Hooray! For more information, visit Minty Fresch’s blog.
Here’s today’s question:
What grocery store do you generally visit and why?  Is it your store of choice?

I’m a fan of HEB.  (I already wrote some about this in a recent post about my coupon clipping craze.) I go to the HEB down the street from me—it’s about 5-10 minutes away from our apartment, which I love because grocery shopping can be time consuming already. (I started going during the week, though, instead of on Saturday, and that has helped.)
Why do I like HEB? Well, what can I say?  I like good produce and good deals.
What I like about my HEB in particular is that it’s small—it’s not one of those mega HEB’s.  Big stores overwhelm me.  I get lost.  I can’t handle all the decision making they require. I need small.
Also, the other customers at my HEB are very friendly. For example, the other day I was buying toilet paper, but after I put my 12 roll pack in the cart and started to stroll off to find ice cream, this heavy set woman, who looked like she had 8 kids and two of them were delinquents, called me over to her. “Me?” I pointed to myself. “Yes, you,” she said. I thought I was in trouble, and I was afraid to walk over to her. (And I didn’t have anyone nearby to hold my earrings for me if we got into a fight.  Okay, I’m kidding.  I’m not a fighter.) I walked over to her anyway, because I didn’t want to be passive aggressive.  She stretched out her hand and gave me an in-store coupon I missed for the toilet paper. “I’m telling you,” she said, “You got to save every penny in these hard times.” What a sweetheart!

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Anonymous said...

What a nice lady! As much as I love my grocery store, no one has ever been that nice to me there.

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