Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hallmark Makes Me Cry

February Challenge Question 26:
26. Do you cry during books/movies? If so, what cues the waterworks?
Yes, and it doesn’t take much.  I cry after Hallmark commercials.  I even get a little misty from that Christmas Whataburger commercial they run every year.
When I was little, though, I would cry just if a movie was good.  I remember when I was about 5 my parents took me to the premier of Beauty and the Beast.  We didn’t do stuff like that very often when I was little for money reasons, but my dad got free tickets from work.  So this was a big deal. I remember there was even a buffet in the lobby of the theatre before the movie started, and the place was huge. It was a big deal. In the theatre, I sat between my mom and dad, the lights died down, and Bell took the screen and filled the room with her beautiful voice.  I loved the movie.  I loved Bell.  I loved all the talking home goods.  I loved the singing and dancing. I was enthralled by this movie.  When the credits rolled, I just started bawling.  My parents were confused.  “What wrong?” Nothing was wrong; I was just overwhelmed by the beauty that is Beauty and the Beast.
Since we are on the topic of Disney princesses, I thought I would share a couple photos of my parent’s dog, Dottie, when my sister and I dressed her up as Snow White.

I have to add here, though, that one Christmas Hallmark made me want to cry for a different reason, not because their commercials were so touching, but because my family wouldn't stop watching the Hallmark channel and their movies have the worst premises—one woman marrying Santa Clause and another losing her whole family due to tragic accidents right before Christmas but Santa winds back time and brings them back in time for Christmas day. Really?


doreen said...

I am a crier too but I continue to subject myself to these channels!
I like your writing style..very easy to read.
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ContentEwe said...

Thank you!!

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