Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Kicks and the Space Craft outside Our Apartment

February Challenge Question 8:
8. What was the most serious trouble you have ever gotten in with your parents/teachers/bosses?

Well, the most trouble I've gotten in is with my parents, but I don’t think you want to hear about any of the times where I was disrespectful to them, and I, frankly, don’t want to relive any of those moments.  I never really got into much trouble at school.  Breaking rules makes me nervous.
However, I did have some trouble with getting to school on time.  This began as early as kindergarten.  I remember one morning my mom dropped me off at the school door, I in my pink and purple knock-off Wal-Mart Keds and purple stirrup pants with a half eaten Pop-tart in my hand because that's apparently the only breakfast we had time for that morning. (Mind you, we literally lived right down the street from the school.) Anyway, I hopped out of the car, and just steps from the door, the school bell rang and my kindergarten teacher looked at me, closed the door, and locked it.  Mom was not happy.

The tardiness continued in high school, but it really was my own fault at this point in my life. Luckily, however, I usually had classes like dance or theater first period where I really didn't have to worry about getting into any trouble if I was late. Senior year was different.  I had economics with crazy Mrs. E and would get my first and only detention for being tardy. I really have nothing ill to speak of Mrs. E. I mean the reason she was crazy was that she gave students who made a 100 on any assignment a 110, because if you could make a 100 you deserved a 110. (I think I made a 102 overall in that class.)  

So what led to the detention?  In high school, we had Tardy Sweeps. A Tardy Sweep worked something like this--the bell rang, a tardy sweep was announced (I can't remember if it was right before or after the bell rang), and all the teachers shut and locked their doors. Well, one particular morning I was running late, and seconds from the door, the bell rang for a Tardy Sweep.  Mrs. E looked at me, closed the door, and locked it.  Memories of kindergarten fled back to me; however, sadly, this time I did not have a Pop-tart or pink and purple Keds. (Stirrup pants wouldn't be in style again until a couple years later.)

So the security guards rounded up all us tardy people like cattle, not really like cattle but that's how it felt when it happened. They rounded us up to a long table at the end of the halls.  There I stood in line with hundreds, at least a hundred (I went to a big school.), other students to get our three hour detention slip. Yes, THREE hours! I almost got through all of public school without a detention, and at the very end I got a three hour one. I had to stay after school that day, which I did most days of high school because I was in theatre, but that day I had to miss theatre. 

I figured it couldn't be too bad, though.  I had my snacks and water bottle and the complete works of Tennessee Williams. I enjoyed reading A Streetcar Named Desire and The Glass Menagerie again, two of my favorite plays. (William's uses language so beautifully.) But they wouldn't let us eat or drink anything.  For THREE hours I couldn't eat or drink anything.  That was a serious punishment.  I had no idea they would be that cruel. Detention seemed like a piece of cake on TV.  I just remember my mouth being SUPER dry when I got home and complaining a lot about it to my mom.


So it appears we have some sort of space craft living outside our apartment building.

Okay, it's not really a space craft, just some pipes that maintenance felt the need to bundle up.


Evan Christopher Weppler said...

I was usually okay with tardies, though I do have trouble with time. My story was that back when they were more strict, like really strict, you could get a detention for the smallest things. Such as uniform. So I was a good little eighth grader who never really got in trouble. But one day, I wore the wrong shoes (it was chapel day, and that requires the fancy shoes) so in my first class, I got a detention. And that was it. Silly.

laura said...

I always heard about tardy sweeps, but I think they were just a myth at my school. So sad that they were real at yours!

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