Sunday, February 13, 2011

Legalism, Light, and a Scar

It’s been a busy weekend, so I’m just going to cram February Challenge questions 11-13 all into this one post.  Here you go:
11. What are the first three things you do when you wake up in the morning?
1. Give my hubby a big squeeze.
2. Go to the bathroom.
3. Read God’s Word.  I at least really want this to be number three, not checking email or getting straight into the day’s tasks or catching a few more Z’s (We’ve all done it, right?).  I’m working to make this number three, because the more I get busy with chores and work and appointments, the harder it is for me to slow down and get still before the Lord.
Yesterday, number three didn’t happen. I went to bed late, woke up late, and rushed off to a tutor training meeting.  This reminded me of something important: we can set goals for ourselves (read the Bible in a year, be still before God each morning), but we have to be careful to not turn these goals into laws.  If we turn our goals into laws, we just put the yoke back on that Jesus so lovingly took off.  His precious blood was shed so we no longer have to bear the heavy burden of the law.  But I’ll willingly put the yoke back on and struggle under my own man-made laws. I have even felt so guilty for not going to God at my set time that I didn’t want to face Him later that day or the next day, because I condemned myself for breaking a law that I made up for myself. How silly!
As God’s children, we desire to be still before Him and to read His Word. That’s why we make goals—keeping a relationship strong takes discipline. We have to make time in our days for what’s important to us. But I think another thing we often forget is that we can pray throughout the day. Prayer isn’t just for morning quiet times. We are to pray continually—make it our lifestyle.

12. Do you prefer natural or artificial light?
I’m like a houseplant; I gravitate toward windows. I love big widows. One of my work places has a whole long wall of floor to ceiling windows.  It’s very nice.
I also like bright rooms.  I will turn on every light in the house, including every lamp, when I am working.  I need lots of light.  However, two of the ceiling lights in our apartment give off so little light that it really makes no difference if the lights are on or off—so I have to turn on all the lamps.  My hubby will come behind me to turn off all the lamps because the ceiling lights are on, but then I can’t see.  My hubby would be content living in a cave.  I find that many men are this way.  What’s the deal with that?

Miss Scruffy prefers natural light, too.

13. Do you have any scars? Explain.
I’m taking this question to mean physical scars, not emotional.  I do have a scar on my right knee. I wish I had a tough guy story to tell you about this scar, but I don’t.  I was born with less than average balance and spatial awareness, and I am a pansy. I got this less than cool scar in the fifth grade because I came in at a bad angle while trying to ride my bike up someone’s driveway a few houses down from mine.  I fell over and scraped my knee on the cement pretty bad.  I didn’t cry until I looked at my knee.  It was that gross, and it wasn’t until then that my brain registered that I was in pain.  My friend walked me back to my house.  My mom cleaned and dressed the wound, and that was that.
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