Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bonbons, Do-Do, and Itineraries…Oh, My

It’s the second day of the February Challenge! It’s not too late to join in the fun! For more information, visit Minty Fresch’s blog.
It’s Day 2, so here’s question 2:
2. You have the entire day off and you’re not allowed to do any work, what do you do?
Eat bonbons and watch Lifetime!

No, that’s what my husband jokes about me doing when I don’t have work.  (I’m an English tutor for two local community colleges, so when the students are off, I’m off.) Anyway, I tell my husband, “Don’t be silly Sweetie, I crochet and watch Lifetime,” which I do do some times. (“Haha, you said do-do.” That’s what my husband would say.)
So I might do that, crochet and watch Lifetime.  I might blog. Or just read. Or get together with my mom, or sis, or other girlfriends. Or work on stuff for my good friend’s upcoming bridal shower. (I’m a matron of honor! So exciting!)
Now, if my hubby isn’t working either, then I’ll hang out with him. We like planning day trips together when we are both off.  So we’ll pick out a new Houston restaurant to try out, like Empire Café, and somewhere fun to visit, like the zoo or the Japanese gardens (where he proposed to me by the way J). My husband likes to schedule our days (Every. Day. This is something I had to get used to when we got married.) So I’ll throw out ideas of things to do, and he will build us an itinerary. And then we will go have fun!
What about you?


Kayleigh said...

Remember "Frou Frou Nights" at camp? I'm 99% sure leadership chose bon-bons simply because they were called that! I'm going to have to start tacking on "...and watching Lifetime" to all my future answers when people ask if I have weekend plans!

ContentEwe said...

Bahahahaha! Do it!

Kayleigh, it's so good to hear from you!! I miss you and all of your funness!

Jenni said...

haha yeah I was definitely laughing at "do-do" before you even commented on it. Oh and I love the Japanese garden in Herman park. My mom and I used have picnics there all the time. It is always so pretty and special. How neat that you got engaged there!

ContentEwe said...


That's neat that you and your mom used to have picnics at the Japanese gardens. How special! Yeah, I'm a big fan of that spot, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds great! I was ounce in a play that that I think involved eating "magic" bonbons! I would come eat some with you, but you'd have to teach me how to crochet!

ContentEwe said...

Ooooh, that would be fun, Laura, to watch Lifetime, eat bonbons and crochet together!

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