Friday, February 25, 2011

A Houstonian’s Perception of the Beach

February Challenge Question 25:
25. Which do you prefer: the mountain or the beach? (Or both?)

Both—but not until recently.
I live in Houston.  The nearest beach is in Galveston, and if that is the only beach you know, you will not like the beach. The water is brown, and you can’t see your hand six inches under the surface. It’s terrifying—I wouldn’t know if there was a jellyfish or a shark about to attack me—it would be a total surprise attack. (That is one kind of surprise I don’t like.) The sand isn’t all that great either, and there isn’t any pretty greenery or big rocks along the shore.
 I always thought I was just a mountains girl until we went to Cozumel for our honeymoon.  Wow! The water is transparent blue.  You can see the fish…You can see your toes! We went snorkeling, because you actually can! We even got to swim with a dolphin named Triton.  If you go to the right beach, the beach is fun and beautiful and relaxing.

I’ll prove it with some pictures for all you Houstonians out there that still hate the beach.  I promise God has made some gorgeous coastlines. :)

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everything.beautiful said...

I was just in Houston recently - Galveston. Swimming. On December 23rd or 24th (keep reading). I'm a Michigan girl and we've got a beautiful lake here called Lake Michigan and when it's not frozen, you can see clear to the bottom most of the time. The problem is, that's - oh - a couple of months out of the year - and the warmest it gets is around 62 degrees (the water that is). We went to the Bahamas a few years ago and like you said here - WOW - now THAT is some beautiful water. Anywho - stopping by to say hello :)

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