Thursday, February 3, 2011

Natural Nails Covered with Boots & a Puppy Photo Shoot

It’s the third day of the February Challenge! It’s still not too late to join in the fun! For more information, visit Minty Fresch’s blog. 
Here’s question number 3:
3. Are your nails normally painted or bare? If they’re normally painted, what color?
My nails are normally bare. This is because a) when I paint my nails, I will most assuredly chip them in the next minute and I just think chipped nails look bad; b) I just don’t think to paint my nails, and c) my hubby doesn’t like painted nails, because he thinks they look cheap.
I do like getting French manis and pedis.  I think they are really pretty and clean looking. Plus, it’s just relaxing to get your nails done.  I’ve only gotten a French mani and pedi two times in my life: for prom and my wedding.
Also, I enjoy painting my toe nails in the summer—I think it’s fun.  I usually wear brown or deep red toe nail polish.
But right now it doesn’t matter what my toes look like, because I’ve been covering them up with socks and my knock-off Uggs from Target. It is freezing in Houston! Literally freezing! It’s supposed to snow! This doesn’t happen very often, and for that reason I really don’t think I would do well moving any further north from here.

One fun thing about the cold, though, is that I get to dress Miss Scruffy in her little winter coat, and today I realized I didn’t have any pictures of her wearing it, so we had a little photo shoot session. :)
We got this stylish coat on clearance at PetSmart...
right after she pooped from excitement on the store floor.

The camera loves you, Miss Scruffy.

The lighting really brings out your whispy stray hairs.

"Being cute makes me sleepy."

She didn't really want to take this photo, because it was walk time.


ContentEwe said...

Okay people, any idea why there is a white box in the middle of my post, and do you know how I can fix it??

Julie said...

Miss Scruffy is adorable!!!! She reminds me of my Susie when I was a kid.

ContentEwe said...

Thank you! What kind of dog was Susie? Miss Scruffy is a schnauzer/terrier mix.

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