Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Is Your Treasure?

February Challenge Question 23:

23. What was the last significant decision you had to make?
Well, my husband and I were planning some big vacations and getting really excited about them.  However, over the last few weeks, we have decided to not go on these vacations.  We have decided it is not a wise use of our money and that it would be more responsible to put that money toward a house.  God has really been working on my heart in terms of finances and spending.  His Spirit really convicted me as I read 2 Corinthians a few months ago. I realized my heart was not right in this area—I was selfish with my money, money that is not even mine.  All that we are belongs to the Lord; He bought and paid for our lives with His precious blood— but I do not fully grasp this. If I did, I think that I would obey Him perfectly.
In 2 Corinthians, Paul says we are to give not because it is asked of us but because we desire to.  God cares about our heart, not merely our actions. And I realized that in my heart I did not desire to fully give God my money, our finances.  I thought, “Haven’t we given you enough? Can’t we have this vacation?”  The problem was not that I wanted to spend money on a vacation—the problem was with my heart.
I wanted to ask God how much money was enough, how much did He want. But God doesn’t play that game. It would be easy to give us a number, but then giving would just become a religious duty, not an outpouring of our hearts. I am forced to meditate on the fact that Jesus took on God’s full wrath for my sins.  And I have to ask myself, “Can I not give Him my all?”
Oh that our hearts would love God more than earthly treasures! He is eternal. We have nothing to worry about if our treasure is in heaven.  I may never get to see Venice, Italy, but I will one day get to see my Lord Jesus in heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Proud of you, those are hard decisions!!

(Also, since I'm not sure if you get notified when I reply to your comments on my blog: It's the third part of my CPA exam. This one covers all financial accounting topics.)

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