Friday, January 14, 2011

The First Post

Okay.  So blogging is much more complicated than I imagined it to be…but this is probably because I’m just a little bit of a perfectionist and not very tech savvy. Also, I’m sometimes more of a dreamer than a doer…okay, a lot of times. (But look, I’m posting my first post and not just day dreaming about posting my first post.) And because I always make projects bigger than they need to be…

My husband called me a “Neeeerrrd.”  (I know I am, and part of why I married him is because he is too.)

Anyway. Hello!  It’s good to be here. With you. Writing.  When thinking about a writing career, my husband once asked me, “What would you like to write about?” And my answer was, “Anything I want to write about.” But that’s not necessarily a job.  So now I’m going to become a blogger.

This has been a good day.  I get to check off “Start Blog” from my to-do list. I’m an English tutor for two local community colleges, so I get like a month off for Christmas, and I made myself a huge to-do list which includes: bake new pastries (baked some Martha Stewart cookies and an Anne Burrell danish), decorate room (it’s coming along), teach Miss Scruffy (my 1 year old Schnauzer/terrier that will forever be my puppy) to come and stay (she’s lackadaisical and paranoid but we are getting there), organize my recipes (aaah! I don’t know where to start!), learn to speed read (I’m probably the slowest reading English tutor.  My husband reads three times faster than I do.), and organize certain areas of the apartment that need organized.  Like the jewelry.

I’ve decided I’m not a fan of jewelry boxes. My necklaces get all tangled, and I’m too lazy to open the drawers.  I started to tackle this mess today.  Found some inspiration from Martha Stewart and  Tried to make a jewelry tee with a vase.  Long story short, the top of my chest of drawers is still a tangled mess of beads and baubles. Scruffy did try to help by laying under my feet the whole time.

Anyway, when I figure the jewelry mess out, I will let you know.
Oh, it was also a good grocery shopping day…

I found Otis Spunkmeyer cookies at HEB!  I can hardly contain myself!

So, now I need to write my bio page. Not even sure how to do that.  Any tips would be great…


Anonymous said...

Hi! Great first post!
I love that you drew your own background! I have NEVER thought of that. It looks great! AND your puppy is so so cute. I want to come cuddle her right now!

I have some ideas to help with your to-do-list!

For receipes, I got some of those clear plastic pockets with a three-hole-punch on the side and put two recipes in each (you know, facing opposite ways). Then I grabbed a binder and some dividers and made sections for breakfast, snacks, chicken, fish, beef, drinks...I'm not sure what else. It's not PERFECT, but it helps so much. When I don't know what to make, I just flip through there and see what catches my eye based on the ingredients I have. AND it's easy to send Chris looking for a recipe cause he knows where to find them.

For jewelry, something I recently did was get set of hooks for the wall. (Mine is a little wooden plack with 4 hooks, I think it's supposed to be for keys.) I hung it on the wall next to my dresser that holds my jewelry box, and viola: untangled necklaces that I can easily see!

ContentEwe said...

Thank you! And thank you for the ideas, too!

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