Monday, January 31, 2011

The February Challenge!

What is the February Challenge?  It is a list of questions my friend Laura put together (one question for every day of the month) and posted on her blog, Minty Fresch. (Her last name is Fresch.  Isn’t that cute?!) So each day of this month I am going to answer the question for the day.
What are the questions?  Here they are:

Who is Laura? Laura is a dear friend of mine I met at Camp Good News in Huntsville, TX. (I think the name of the camp has changed since I've been there.) We were campers together when we were 13.  (Is that right, Laura?) I remember our cabin got the pig a lot…a lot.  That means we had the dirtiest girls cabin. When we were 16, we both became counselors. (I loved being a camp counselor!  I did that for 6 years.) You can make some great friends at camp! We also both graduated and got married at about the same time. All in all, Laura is a fun gal, and she loves the Lord.
Here are some old school camp photos of us:

Here's our cabin when we were campers.
(The boys were not a part of our cabin.)
 Laura is the girl on the top left
and I'm the girl on the top right.

This is our beloved pig we won for dirtiest cabin.

Us as camp counselors 7 years ago.

Us building a campfire with our friend Day!

Well, that’s the February Challenge (and a few other things). Feel free to play along.  The challenge starts tomorrow!

Did you ever work at a Christian summer camp?  If so, which one? Have you kept up with camp friends? Also, do you ever think about getting back into camping?


Jenni said...

Shaynee! I keep seeing your blog posts come up on Facebook and know I need to come over and follow you. How fitting it is that when I finally do it is a post about camp. To answer your questions:
Yes, I worked at a camp :) and I didn't know they changed the name. how sad.
No, I haven't kept up well with my camp friends. It makes me sad.
And yes, I think about getting back into camp work. It is a dream of my husband and I.
I have recently started blogging too and would love for you to come over and visit. I hope we can catch up!

ContentEwe said...

Jenni! It is so good to hear from you! I was just thinking about you the other day, wishing we had kept in touch better. This is great! :)

That's awesome that you and your husband are thinking about getting back into camp work. I'd love to hear more.

Well, I have to go check out your blog...

Anonymous said...

Aw, you are so sweet. And, I am so glad you're participating!

(Also, those pictures are hilarious, especially the one of our cabin. Remember that summer? Drama, drama.)

I had no idea they changed the name, it makes the nostalgic side of me a little sad.

And JENNI! How exciting to find you online! Can't wait to read your blog too!

P.S. This is from Laura (mintyfresch), but I'm having trouble logging in...

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