Monday, January 24, 2011

Difference of Opinion: Italian Soup

I made a yummy Italian soup last night.

I got the recipe from, a fun food blog. (I did make a few changes to the recipe.  I used corn and black beans instead of celery and Cannellini beans, respectively, because that’s what I had.) The broth is made with vegetable broth, white wine, and tomato sauce, so it has a really good flavor to it.  And I always like having another way to consume pasta. This is one of my favorite dishes I have made so far as a newlywed/newlycook. (Others include lasagna, chicken cordon blue, homemade pizza, and enchiladas.)
However, Michael does not have the same affection for the dish that I do.

I was afraid this might be so.  The dish includes no meat, or as he likes to say nothing that “previously had a face.”  (I have once before been chided for making breakfast burritos without the sausage.)
I’m trying to make us more cholesterol friendly meals, and this meal certainly is, but next time I will compromise and add a meat: shrimp. I actually think shrimp would go really well with the other flavors of this soup.
Another change I will make next time is nix the spinach. Don’t get me wrong—I really do like spinach.  It’s one of my favorite vegetables.  However, I am also a texture person, and the spinach was just too slimy—it was choking me.  So if you are a texture person, too, I suggest leaving the spinach out altogether or just serving the soup with spinach as a garnish that people can choose to put on their soup or not.  I’m going to do this because we are also big leftover people, and I am afraid to nuke the spinach, of what kind of results this may bring.  Michael agrees with me whole heartedly here.


Anonymous said...

You might try chopping the spinach into very small pieces to distribute them and disguise their textural identity.

ContentEwe said...

Good idea! Thank you! I was thinking about that...I'm sure Michael would just prefer me to leave it out though. :)

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