Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beef + Turkey = Burkey

We’re having burkey tonight!  (Well, we did last night. Tonight we’re actually having chicken.)
I’m trying something new: cooking with ground turkey. Turkey is so much healthier than beef—there is a ton less fat in turkey.  (I’m never good at specifics.  Sorry.) We are trying to eat meals that are low in cholesterol, so for us ground turkey is a good alternative to ground beef.  Also, you can buy ground turkey for half the price of ground beef.  Cha-ching! However, quite honestly, beef just tastes better than turkey. (Fat just tastes so darn good!) So, I’ve started cooking meals that call for ground beef with half ground turkey and half ground beef.
So what does Michael, my carnivore husband, think?  He likes it! Last night I made tacos with a half pound of ground turkey and a half pound of ground beef, and he said he could barely tell the difference in flavor to that of all beef tacos.  He also liked that the turkey/beef tacos were much lighter than the all beef tacos.  (Let’s face it—beef can often time leave you feeling bloated.  It’s nice eating a meal that doesn’t drag you to the couch for a nap once you’ve shoveled the last fork-full in.)
This is how I prep for burkey meals:
I freeze my meat when I get home from the grocery story, because I don’t want it to go bad in the fridge from me forgetting about it.  I store the meat in freezer bags that I label with the date so I know how old the meat is.  (You can freeze uncooked ground meat for 3-4 months.)

I then divide the meat in half to store in the bags.  Many recipes call for a pound of ground beef.  If you divide the meat in half before you put it in the freezer, you can easily grab a half pound of ground turkey and a half pound of ground beef to make burkey.

After cooking up the turkey/beef mixture last night, I was amazed how little grease was left to drain.

Gross, I know.  But not as gross as it could have been.

I always use extra lean beef, and this was about half the grease I usually drain after cooking a full pound of extra lean beef.
So there you have it.  My new discovery: burkey!

What else have I been up to?  Trying to keep up with my Bible reading.  Please continue to ask me about this, because I’m not doing as well as Jon Acuff, who wrote a funny post about Bible reading today on his blog Stuff Christians Like.
Do you follow a Bible reading plan?  What plan do you follow?  How is it going?


tmomfine said...

You are right. Turkey is much lighter and there little to no difference in spicy foods. Michael actually ate all turkey tacos growing up but he may not know that. You just have to be a label reader. All ground turkey is not the same. Some is actually higher in fat than lean ground beef. Just read the label and you will be fine.You are such an inspiration.

ContentEwe said...

Hi! Thank you for your sweet comment! :)

Well, I think I'm going to make all turkey tacos then. haha And I didn't know that all ground turkey is not equal--thanks for the heads up! I did realize that some ground turkey is just as expensive as ground beef,though.

Michael said...

What?! I was being fed turkey all those years?! I feel deceived....

DWYHomemaking said...

Berkey... Love it :)! I cook with turkey and when I switched I went 'cold turkey' but, doing it half and half would have worked better for sure ;)! Thanks for linking up at Unwasted Homemaking Party!


ContentEwe said...

Thank you! I'm excited that I found your blog! :)

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