Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Movie: Faith like Potatoes

After figuring out the trick to getting my DVD player to work, I watched a very sweet, powerful, and inspiring movie: Faith like Potatoes.

It’s about a Scottish man, Angus Buchan, and his family who live in South Africa.  Angus is a farmer and an angry man who sees no purpose for his life until he comes to know Jesus as his Lord and savior.  The movie then shows the transformation of Angus into a new creature and follows the story of how God stretches his faith and uses him to share Jesus with the Zulu people who work for him on his farm and many other people in Africa. I didn’t know the movie was based on a true story (but hoped so) until the end.  What a story!
You can learn more about Angus Buchan in the documentary included in the DVD’s special features and at
What good movies have you watched lately?


Lauren Day said...

Good movies--lets talk tv shows. I am currently obsessed with the show HOUSE. Yes, I am aware that it came out years ago--however I am only now discovering it. Lucky for me- I got seasons one through four for Christmas. Goodbye productivity!

ContentEwe said...

haha We like to watch that show, too. My problems with productivity come from knowing Hulu exists.

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