Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quilt Fort

Michael and I did not drive far to get to our Labor Day vacation destination. We stayed in a fort built in our living room.

Michael said he never built a fort out of quilts as a child, and he still hasn't built one.  I did most of the work.  He did hand me some clothes pins and was a good sport once it was up.

We had a mild disaster while I was assembling the east corner. The structure collapsed, and the books and tile coasters I used as weights nearly fell on his face! He survived, but this incident may not have happened if he he had been doing more draping of quilts over chairs and less reading of Star Wars.  Just goes to show ya--sometimes manual labor can be more beneficial to society than having one's nose in a book.

Scruffy enjoyed the fort before we did.  She took a nap while we took a lunch break.

We had to push her to the back of the fort so we could get in.  She promptly fell back to sleep.

Then we laid down on our pillows and turned on Gremlins. I thought it seemed appropriate to watch a campy kid movie. 

This was my first time to watch the flick.  I would no longer categorize it as a kid's movie.  As a child, I would have freaked if I saw little monsters blendered and nuked to death, and worse, I would have become mortified of Christmas trees, one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

However, the movie was campy and so was our living room.

I got this idea from my friend Laura at Minty Fresch.  It proved to be a fun indoor date.

What creative dates have you had indoors?

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