Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Year with Miss Scruffy

Miss Scruffy has been in our lives for a year.  She has now been a part of our family more than with any other family.  Her first owner passed away, so she was brought to a shelter.  Her second owner broke her back right after she took Scruffy in and had to have a friend bring her right back to the shelter.  When we adopted her, we hoped we weren't next in line for a disaster.  Turns out the dog isn't cursed; she has only brought us happiness. 

Well, that's true for me.  Michael says she's not a real dog--she's small, doesn't devour her food immediately, doesn't understand toys, and she's shy around men.  She wouldn't go near him her first few months in our home. But I can tell he's got a soft spot for her in his heart.  His eyes sparkle everytime she jumps in his lap.

Here is our first year with Miss Scruffy:

Our first family photo.  This is us at the shelter.

Miss Scruffy's first morning with us.

She loves car rides.

And has her own seat belt.

I used to lovingly refer to her as our third couch cushion
until we stopped allowing her on the couch.
She checks my messages.

Modeling for me.

Our first family Christmas photo.
She decided she liked her cousin's big bed better than her own.

Driving my mom's van.


She likes to people watch from the balcony.

What a fun year!

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