Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Productive Day

Yesterday I tried out some of the projects I've found on Pinterest.

I made tons of cookies using New York Times best cookie recipe. I made a couple revisions because I wanted to use ingredients I already had...I'm frugal like that.  I used semi sweet chocolate chips instead of chopping up bittersweet chocolate, and I used all purpose flour instead of pastry flour.  (I was unaware until now of all the types of flour that exist.)

They still turned out yummy.  Perhaps someday I'll try the actual recipe.

By the way, this recipe makes about eight dozen cookies. I had to store quite a few in my freezer. They're good frozen, too, you know. And that way you'll be more apt to eat just one because it takes longer to eat it.  Learned this trick from a good friend.  That is probably how I should eat these from now on.  I got a stomach ache last night from eating too many, and the hubs said he didn't feel sorry for me.  Sad.

I also made homemade laundry detergent.  This was easy and should have a nice impact on the apartment supplies budget.  This homemade detergent costs about one cent a load.  Compare that to the 23 cents a load that All has been costing me.  Cha-ching!

The Ivory soap was cheap, but I suggest choosing a different soap. I'm afraid we may be mistaken as citronella tiki torches for awhile. Ivory smells very lemony.

It was also time for a new soap dispenser, so I made one out of a mason jar I had.  The pump of my last soap dispenser broke, so I bought a new pump, but that pump didn't fit the old bottle.  I was still stuck without a soap dispenser until I found this tutorial on how to make one from a mason jar.  I already had all the supplies, and this turned out to be the easiest project I did all day.

I did some of my usual projects, too--crocheting and copyediting. I'm a crafty, frugal nerd, and I had a crafty, frugal nerd kinda day.  It was nice.

I don't know what's yummier--those cookies or all this yarn.

I am going to try out amigurumi for the first time with this stuff. It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

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