Friday, May 13, 2011

God's Faithfulness through Confusion

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Circumstances of the last month have called my attention away from blogging. (Obviously, since I haven't posted since April 1st.) For Michael and I, it has been a month of accessing our finances and finding ways to make up for my lost income, examining our priorities, and for me, a lot of introspection. I know that is vague, but for now, I wish to keep these struggles of the last month private. I just wanted to briefly explain why I've been away from ContentEwe.

It’s been a month of confusion but also answers, because our God is not a god of confusion. And He does not leave us alone in our trials. When circumstances get rough, God is good at showing His love even more powerfully.  God has shown me His love through my husband.  This month Michael has been my anchor, leader, advocate and ally.  When I would lose strength to pray, I would ask him to pray for me, and I have seen his prayers being answered. This encouragement and love has brought me strength.  We are a team, and it is beautiful to see God training us as a team. God proves Himself to be faithful, even when I feel too weak to have faith.  When I’m weak, He brings others to pray and listen and help me walk again.  Though, I usually have to reach out for that help; I have to yield my pride.

God is faithful to bring strength and faithful to provide.  Michael plays hand bells, and last month two different churches paid him to play in their hand bell choirs.  I came with him to both performances, and I remember praying while he played at one, “Lord, is this music as sweet to anyone else in this church?  For me, this is a song of your faithfulness.”  The song they played is called Pax.  The Lord is our peace. We can cast our cares to Him.

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