Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miss Scruffy is Still Scruffy

I didn't name my dog; her first owner did.  (I did add the "Miss." Her name need some girlifying.) She was appropriately named. Skittish, Squeamish, Sleepy or Won't-Stop-Pooping-on-my-Carpet would have been appropriate as well, but wouldn't have been near as cute.  And cute she is.  Look at Miss Scruffy.  She just got groomed for the first time and she is workin' it.

 Well, she did for about 10 seconds.  Grooming is exhausting.

Here she is after her nap.

The groomer did such a great job.  She maintained the integrity of Miss Scruffy's scruffiness, but now Miss Scruffy can see. 
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