Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Time to Let Go of Some Frustrations

Things have not gone my way today. I’ve lost half my hours at one job because of funding cuts, and I’ve been given a schedule at my other job that cuts into my time with my hubby.  I’m an English tutor, and today I walked into my first tutoring session frustrated and angry when I needed to have patience and compassion for my student. As I walked over to the table she was seated at, I prayed that I could be a good tutor.  She asked me how I was as I sat down next to her.  I lied and told her I was fine.
Seconds later, however, I knew God had answered my quick prayer.  He gave me patience as I read through her paper and listened to her questions, and he gave me compassion for her as she got frustrated with herself.  I was able to focus on my job, and give her clear explanations for her grammatical errors and how she could correct them.  She thanked me because she finally understood what a dependent clause is and how to format dialogue. She left saying I was a blessing and thanking God that He had helped her find a tutor that could clearly explain grammar rules to her.  I don’t think she realized how much of a blessing she had been to me.
God works in amazing ways, doesn’t He? He knew that we both needed each other at that very moment, and He brought us together to calm both our frustrations at once.
I’m still upset about issues with my two jobs, but it looks like God is telling me that He is in control and I can trust in Him.  I can give my frustrations to Him.  It’s time to get on my knees and have faith in His plan.

What is God asking you to let go of today?

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